The Dark Knight

Thu 18 Nov 2021 ·  · by Nick Law

One of our favourite breweries is coming to Brewery Market this December...

As you're probably aware, we're mahooosive fans of Siren Craft Brew.  Their beers are exceptional, they create a wide variety of styles and - let's face it - their branding is B-E-A-utiful.

On Thursday 9th December, we're welcoming brewer Sean Knight to a Siren Craft dark beer tasting called - wait for it - The Dark Knight (come on...! 😆👏👏👏).

This incredible evening will feature a tasting of a variety of beers (see below), a talk from Sean who will also answer any questions you may have (about beer, not life!) with a food pairing.

The evening will be guided by Ale Hunters' Paul Davies, who is a beer Sommelier, qualified judge and founder of Ale Hunters.

The beers we'll be featuring are:

  • Death By Caribbean Chocolate Cake 10.2% Tropical Imperial Stout
  • Storyboard Brown Ale (ABV TBC) Brown Ale
  • Mole Caribbean Chocolate Cake (ABV TBC)
  • Dystopian Black Dawn 6.4% Black IPA
  • Picture Puzzel 5.8% Red IPA (Nitro)
  • Cocoa & Hazelnut Broken Dream 6.5% Stout

Event starts at 8pm on Thursday 9th December.  Tickets are limited so make sure you don't miss out... this will be a popular event, we're sure.  Bag your tickets from Eventbrite or visit and buy them in the shop.

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