Black Friday Deals... and why we don't do them!

Fri 26 Nov 2021 ·  · by Linda Birch

Roll up, roll up! It's Black Friday and do we have some offers for you...!  Said no one from Brewery Market.

Every year, around Thanksgiving (🇺🇸🦃), the internet is awash with Black Friday offers.  Save big, HUGE discounts, 30% off, buy one get five free, a tenner for a fiver!  You literally cannot escape being bombarded with offers to entice you to spend money.

Not that there's anything wrong with a good sale.  But here at Brewery Market, we've chosen not to celebrate Black Friday for a variety of reasons:

Firstly, we believe Black Friday devalues a premium product.

Breweries and bottle shops don't earn megabucks from craft beer.  So, as tempting as it is to look at an £8 can of a DIPA and think, 'I should go into craft beer; that's where the megabucks are!', don't be fooled!

The price of raw materials has only increased over the last few years, meaning these big, juicy beers or thick, extravagant stouts are reassuringly expensive to make; the cost of which gets passed onto retailers like us, who then put a small margin on to make ends meet, keep the business going and pay the staff a fair wage.

Black Friday offers cut into those margins and devalue what is essentially a premium product.  We want to treat craft beer as the luxury item that it is, not a commodity item.

Secondly, we curate our beer listings thoughtfully.

We don't want to create a scarcity mindset for our customers, but a mindful, considered one.  We could discount beers to create a rush and flood of demand for a day or so, but we want to provide a meaningful shopping and drinking experience all year round.

And thirdly, we don't want clever marketing campaigns just to offload slow selling beer.

We value our customers by giving them a warm, friendly welcome in the shop; chatting with people and getting to know them and their personal tastes.

Usually, the products on offer during Black Friday aren't the big-hitters anyway, but a cunning way of offloading slow sellers.

We're not against anyone - bottle shops, breweries or otherwise - running Black Friday offers; each to their own, as they say!  But this is the decision we've made based on our values to Drink Differently and support local independent business in Twickenham.

Our commitment is and will always be, regardless of what day of the year it is, to providing great beers that come with a rich backstory, a wealth of beer knowledge, a rewarding customer experience and a community that our customers value - and that, we feel, is priceless.

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Linda is The Admiral of Brewery Market. She's passionate about craft beer, flavour combos, living a sustainable lifestyle and taking her beloved Pepper for a walk.
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