About Us


Driven by the exploration of flavour and inspired by the brewsters and alehouses of old, Brewery Market is a draught apothecary dispensing craft brews. Nestled in the heart of Twickenham we are here to entice you with courageous elixirs from creative brewers. We regularly showcase beers on tap that would not otherwise be available due to their limited or one-off nature


Brewery Market is the 2021 Drinks Retailing Awards Independent Beer Retailer of the Year. We are a shop, tasting room and community space that focuses on independent craft beers (and the occasional cider) with over 200 changing beers from across the world and 12 draught lines.

We are passionate about helping people to unearth flavours and introduce people discover their new favourite breweries.

Brewery Market is also deeply committed to environmental stewardship, working hard to reduce, reuse and recycle as much as possible in our Say No To Plastic policy.



Linda is The Admiral of Brewery Market.  She's passionate about craft beer, flavour combos, living a sustainable lifestyle and taking her beloved Pepper for a walk.


Denis is the quiet but vastly knowledgeable Croaitian behind the bar with an insatiable thirst for IPAs.  He's also a mean cook (as in, really good, not  like angry mean!)


Pepper is the shy but adoreable dog that you'll find around Brewery Market at any given moment.  She likes corks and sitting with people as they drink beer.


Environmental stewardship is a top priority for Brewery Market. More craft brewers and craft beer enthusiasts than ever before are ‘going green'.

Bring any suitable vessel into the shop and we will fill it with beer! Although, we have had lots of customers recently asking us to fill plastic whereas conversely we have a #NOplastic policy at Brewery Market.  Our hope is that, plastic will be entirely eliminated from the retail chain.

The Mini-Crowler

Providing perfect portions is our mighty mini-crowler; the size gives you the variety to go on yourown personal journey of beer discovery. The mini-crowler provides an exceptional beer experience, they are particularly fit for sharing, give you more choice for tasting, pairing or cooking with at home and you can avoid storing open growlers in the fridge.

Just like their big bruva the Crowler, and the more well known Uncle Growler, except that they are diddy. Buy them in 4s or 8s and you CAN take a variety of beers home from draught, rather than 2 litres of the same beer.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

We are dedicated to providing you with the amazing craft beer in its most premium format.  We're on a mission to reduce our plastic consumption to a bare minimum, and - when we do use single-use plastics - commit to reusing or recycling as much as possible.

When you drink beer at home it should be as fresh as the minute it was poured from the taps…. so we pre-condition all our bottles and cans with CO2 to ensure no air touches the beer until you drink it. 

We strongly advise against using single use plastic/cartons for craft beer (or in life!) - not only does it reduce the quality of the beer but does untold damage to the environment.


Canned craft beer is becoming an increasingly popular choice. Aluminium cans are infinitely recyclable and environmentally friendly, the metal used in the production of cans is 100% recyclable, with the process typically using less than 10% of the energy needed to create a new can.

That’s why the Brewery Market growlers are also aluminium; they are reusable, and recyclable.

Bring back your growler when you refill for an in-store discount.