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The MINI-CROWLER has landed and we now offer FREE LOCAL DELIVERY!

Update 27th April

They may lock us down, but they'll never take our freedom.... to buy craft beer! Feels cute, might delete later.

Currently we are only open for collections only. Please respect the two meter distance, one in, one out, customer policy and don't touch anything! We can also deliver fresh craft beer direct to your door totally contact free! It's very simple to place your order....

1. Have a look at our menu below, choose from the fridges, or fill Growlers and Mini-Crowlers with craft beer on draught.

2. Email Cheers@BreweryMarket.co.uk with your order, delivery address and phone number.

3. We'll contact you to arrange delivery and payment.

Our gift cards are also available to purchase onlne and as a special thank you to those that support us these will have NO EXPIRY DATE. To purchase one please use the link below, leave your email address and we'll send you a gift card.

You can also use the link to donate towards Brewery Market as a sign of support even if you don't want a gift card! Just let us know in the text - a huge thank you for this, we love you!


As ever we are so incredibly grateful to all our customers, neighbouring business and local authorities for their incredible support and we wish everyone a happy and healthy future. If anyone does come in contact with the virus and has been into the shop, please do let us know.

Good luck to anyone on the front line right now, show your NHS or Emergency Services ID and get 30% off all beer to take-away.

Keep following us for updates #CraftBeer #DrinkDifferently

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Providing perfect portions is our mighty mini-crowler; the size gives you the variety to go on yourown personal journey of beer discovery. The mini-crowler provides an exceptional beer experience, they are particularly fit for sharing, give you more choice for tasting, pairing or cooking with at home and you can avoid storing open growlers in the fridge.

Just like their big bruva the Crowler, and the more well known Uncle Growler, except that they are diddy. Buy them in 4s or 8s and you CAN take a variety of beers home from draught, rather than 2 litres of the same beer. Or, you could take 2 litres of the same beer home but in mini-crowlers and the beer will last longer than if you keep re-opening a growler.


The Brewery Market Lockdown Lock-in

Join us every Thursday night at 9pm for a virtual speakeasy. Expect beer pong, guided tastings and mystery beer nights. You want to gain access to a secret society who meet for distracting activities and craft beer every Thursday. Otherwise concealed from non-members, the society attempts to hide its existence from the outside world. However, clues have been leaked and if you can correctly work out the weekly 4 digit code you too can enter The Brewery Market Lockdown Lock-in.

Clues are released every Monday here: https://www.facebook.com/events/513616092644928

We hope to have events in the shop again soon giving you the opportunity to meet brewers directly or try strange and unusual pairings. Hire it privately for craft parties, dog parties, workshops, games nights and gatherings. Anything is possible! Please get in touch and we’ll be happy to discuss what floats your beer boat, from beer styles, a specific brewery, food options, guest speakers, or the size of your group - we’ll make something perfect to fit you.

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We CAN do so much more!

Environmental stewardship is a top priority for Brewery Market. More craft brewers and craft beer enthusiasts than ever before are ‘going green'.

Canned craft beer is becoming an increasingly popular choice. Aluminium cans are infinitely recyclable and environmentally friendly, the metal used in the production of cans is 100% recyclable, with the process typically using less than 10% of the energy needed to create a new can.

That’s why the Brewery Market growlers are also aluminium; they are reusable, and recyclable. Bring back your growler when you refill for an in-store discount.

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